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March 9
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Imogen || Sanctuary Academy by aerophyte Imogen || Sanctuary Academy by aerophyte

i hav e a lot of ideas for this group but i wanted to use a gene t so
theyre rly pret animals and they grACEful and stuff i m
last name kingly rOYAL ASS BITCH

  ||| General Identification |||

Name|| Imogen Kingly
Nicknames|| TBA

Gender|| Girl
Age|| Fifteen
Birthday|| Jan 1st

Species|| Spotted Genet

Element|| Air
Abilities|| Air Manipulation, Deoxygenation

  ||| School Statistics |||

Grade|| Sophomore

Schedule|| Geometry | Biology II | ASL | World history | Element: Air | Literature II | Ecology + Parenting ||

Excelled Class|| Biology II

Extracurricular Activity|| Speech + Debate Member | ASL Club Member | E.A.A. President ||

  ||| Personal Information |||

|| Ambitious | Intelligent | Independent | Clever | Proud ||
|| Distant | Smart-mouthed | Inconsiderate | Vain | Workaholic ||

Likes|| Her Reflection | Achievement | Humor | The enVIRONMENT | The sound/feeling of when you have a bunch of written on papers | Mauve ||

Dislikes|| Overworking | Having nothing to do | Clingy individuals | LittERBUGS | Anything unhealthy for the envIRONMENT | Neon colors ||

  ||| Additional information 

|| Beauty mark to the left to the left of her nose
|| Is actually reALLy tall
|| Skipped the seventh grade (went from 6th straight to 8th)
|| Bilingual due to parents being african, her first language is Afrikaans
|| Doesn't carry much around besides what she needs
|| Doesn't really care about having friends. She knows she'll need them later on, but they're optional to her now.
sylveonprince Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WAIT. Disregard the tie part. It looked green-ish??? But I looked at it closely and saw that it was grey. gOMEN
sylveonprince Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The application is almost ready to go! There are just a few things that need to be fixed before accepting! uwu

Her skirt isn't the proper color it is meant to be. The same for her tie! Please look at the uniform reference to see what colors you're meant to put. The skirt is a really dark, navy blue and the tie is a moderately dark  grey color!

Reply to me once you've fixed that and you'll be good to go! uvu
aerophyte Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
oH gomen i looked at the ref sheet and saw the cream-sh color near the skir t and thought it was for the skir t whoops

fixed now tho uvu
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